Got an annoying mole that really stands out on your face or skin? Have a painful and embarrassing skin tag that just doesn’t want to go away? These are both frustrating and common issues that millions of people face. And, for the most part, there isn’t an easy solution for either one aside from cosmetic surgery. But one of the most effective treatments that actually removes these stubborn skin flaws and is affordable is Dermatend.

About the Product

Dermatend is an all-natural, topical cream that works to remove both moles and skin tags. This is one of the only products available that has been proven to be effective at getting rid of these particular skin conditions. In most cases individuals would have to result to expensive cosmetic surgery to completely eradicate these problematic blemishes.

Skin tags are small, benign tumors that form on the skin and can be extremely painful. While it is possible to remove these yourself it can be a very painful process and leave gruesome scars on the skin afterward. With Dermatend you can simply apply the solution to the tag and wait for it to drop off, a much simpler and painless method.

Moles are a form of skin lesions that are considered benign but are often a sign that you will be more prone to the disease known as melanoma. These blemishes can occur both beneath and on top of the skin. Some can be mildly irritating while others won’t hurt at all. It is generally difficult to get rid of moles but DermaTend does the job quite well.

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The 3 Most Common Types Of Skin Growths

In an age where beauty and physical perfection are valued highly, many people especially young girls, are being ridiculed and bullied because of skin problems such as unwanted acrochordons, moles and blemishes.

Moles: Moles, on the other hand, are growths on the skin that are colored brown or black. They can grow in any part of the body. Most moles appear during the first 30 years of a person’s life. By adulthood, a person gains 10-40 moles. Moles may change as years pass by. They may grow darker due to exposure to sun, during teen years or during pregnancy.Read More

Skin Tags: A skin tag is a small piece of soft hanging skin that may appear in any part of the body, especially areas where skin tend to rub with skin. Common areas for cutaneous tags are the eyelids, axillae or armpits, upper chest, neck, under the breasts and groin. Generally, a skin tag is non-cancerous. However, when repeatedly scratched, it might pose a threat.

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Does Dermatend Work?

Overall, Dermatend has maintained a 3 to 4-star rating (out of a possible 5) on most major websites. In other words, it’s not perfect. The old saying of “results may vary” applies heavily in this case. For some, this product will work wonders and remove moles & skin tags with ease. Others may only be able to remove a portion of their blemishes. And for some, it may not work at all.

But the good news is that you’re covered no matter what your results are. Dermatend offers an extremely generous 30-day risk-free trial for their product. If you use the solution and are not 100% pleased with the results you get you can simply mail back your empty bottle to the company and receive a full refund for your purchase.

Dermatend is an all-natural, topical cream that works to remove both moles and skin tags.

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Dermatend Ingredients – Are they Safe & Effective?

      • Bloodroot: This is the primary active ingredient of Dermatend. It can be used to remove moles and other unsightly blemishes on the skin. Also known as sanguinaria, the plant is from the north-central part of the United States and certain areas in Canada. It is known as a natural treatment for skin cancer although there is no scientific or clinical data supporting such a claim.


      • Butter of Zinc: This is a chemical compound that works with bloodroot extract in cutting off cancerous cells of the skin without affecting healthy cells. It was discovered by Dr. Frederic Mohs who is known for the Mohs chemosurgery that is used all over the world.


    • Vegetable Glycerine: This is for keeping the skin moisturized after the mole is removed. It helps protect the skin from damage as well.

How Does Dermatend Work?

According to Dermatend reviews, it’s surprisingly simple. Just prep the blemish, apply the solution, wash and wait! Big or small, flat or round, light or dark, whatever shape and color your skin tag is, the product will go to work. The same procedure applies for the Dermatend mole removal process. The user has to clean the mole first by washing it with water and soap or disinfectant.

Using a pumice stone, the area is scratched gently to open the pores of the mole and allow the cream to penetrate. Apply the cream and put a bandage on it. In 24 hours, a scab forms in the area and will shed off after a few days. Is the process painful? It depends on your skin type, if you are more of the sensitive kind you should be careful.

Remember you need to scratch the blemish gently so as not to make yourself bleed. When applying the cream, one will feel a stinging sensation, much like how you feel when you apply iodine to a wound. The stinging sensation stays only for a couple of minutes and eventually goes away. On the other hand, some customer reviews reported a strong burning sensation that would stay even after several hours. This is one of the many reasons why we recommend Revitol on any occasion.

To fasten the healing process, the healing balm from the same manufacturer is also available. It’s a fragrant and may be used for other sores. Some Dermatend reviews noted that it can even be used as a lip balm. Users are cautioned though, not to remove the scab prematurely. Removing it before it could fully heal may cause skin infection and other skin problems.

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