Dermatend Ingredients

Dermatend was an all-natural remedy to get rid of warts. It was surprising when the recall was published by the FDA in August 2014. People automatically thought and even today think that a herbal, all-natural treatment is safe.

    • Vegetable Glycerin
      Keeps the skin hydrated. It’s a natural moisturizer. It was mainly used to help prevent skin damage after the wart or mole had been removed.


    • Butter of Zinc
      Butter of Zinc, also known as Zinc Dichloride or Zinc (II) Chloride, is a chemical compound that has a number of characteristics. It moisturizes while also working as a disinfectant. It is also used in alternative medicine to treat skin cancer by causing scabs of dead tissue, also known as eschar.
    • Bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis)
      Bloodroot has been used since ages to treat warts and other ailments. It’s a plant that growth mostly in the northern central part of the US and in certain regions in Canada.In alternative medicine it is used to treat skin cancer but the FDA has published it on a list of ‘fake’ treatments for cancer.

Bloodroot was the main active ingredient in Dermatend. While it has been used for decades to treat warts and moles as well as skin tags, it also has been shown to have quite some negative side-effects.

These side-effects include potential scarring of the treated areas as well as causing serious damage to surrounding healthy tissue. The compound reacts with the skin cells (wart or mole cells) resulting in basically burning those cells off.

Zinc Dichloride has similar capabilities and in combination with Bloodroot it could cause serious skin damage to healthy cells and not only to the skin blemishes that were treated. Overall the risk to cause damage and scarring is pretty high with this kind of treatment!