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About Us

Areton Ltd was incorporated in the UK on the 20ieth of January 2015, Registration Number 09397231.
About the name; in ancient Greek: Ἀρετώ means “virtuous”. The neutral form is “Ἀρετον”, the suffix “ον” or “on” is neutral and refers to things or objects.
Technology is now allowing us to lead a lifestyle which was hardly imaginable only 20 years ago and this is what we focus on. Deliver the best possible value by using the latest technology available to date.

We believe, that in many aspects of the aesthetic sector, there is a lot of work which needs to be done in order to bring the same advances we enjoy in everyday life. Areton Ltd’s mission is to add the most value through technology innovation in the cosmetic and aesthetic sector. We very much focus on developing only those products that deliver a clear and tangible aesthetic solution to our customers. We also focus on having a Spartan lean attitude to the business structure which will stand the tests of time under any financial circumstances. We focus on using the latest technology in everything we do.

Add extraordinary value to our customers by focusing on using the latest technologies within our business and products. Uncompromising transparency and honesty at all costs.

Today most companies in the aesthetic sector focus on building devices designed at boosting their profits, not adding value. At Areton Ltd we focus on adding value first, not only to the end users but the clients who undergo the aesthetic treatments. This is done by building the most convenient devices possible having the most number and effective intended uses for each device. Most companies build one device for one or few intended uses, Areton Ltd builds few devices covering as many intended uses as possible. When designing the devices Areton Ltd keeps the customers in mind and not the profits, each device is designed in order to add the most value possible to the end user.

In the dealings with its customers, Areton Ltd tells the truth as it is without looking at embellishing results or expectations. Telling things as they are, no matter what the consequences might be.

Most of the companies in aesthetics, use complicated language in order to build the idea of complexity in the treatments performed by their devices. Areton Ltd understands the physics of the aesthetic devices currently in the market and uses the most down to earth language possible to explain the operation of their devices, which is most of the times simpler than other manufacturers suggest it to be.

Areton Ltd publishes all the knowledge required for the operation of their devices and makes it available in the easiest way on the internet. No need for paid subscriptions, or access to training material. All are made available to the public as a whole, free of charge and without the need for handing out personal details or further payments.

Andreas Russo, Areton Ltd’s Founder and Managing Director

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