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FAQ about the Dermatend

  • Dermatend.co is part of Areton. We have formed a specialised team exclusively dealing with Moles, Warts, Skin Tags and nothing else. Other clinics that use similar peels or other equipment are far more expensive.
  • Given that we are so specialised, treating  is our second nature. This makes us very effective in finding the best formulation for your skin type and Mole.
  • Not only is the Dermatend one of the most effective way to remove your Mole but is also safe, fast and inexpensive.
  • The Dermatend is customised to your own Mole and skin type.
  • We are the only company offering a full money back guarantee.

It is applied using a small brush directly on the Mole, taking particular care not to have the Dermatend to get in contact with the eyes.

It is always advisable to have someone else to apply the Dermatend for you. We strongly advise you (even in case you bought the Dermatend neutralizer) to apply as little Dermatend as possible the first time you use it. After all, this will allow you to get used to the way the Dermatend works. It is also recommended to avoid applying the Dermatend onto the healthy skin as it should only be applied on the Mole. In case the Dermatend is accidentally applied onto the normal skin, it is unlikely to cause any damage, just wipe it and rinse with water.

Always apply less Dermatend at the first time. Once you have understood the effectiveness of the Dermatend you can use a little more. Since you are treating your Moles yourself there is no need to rush, and you can always reapply the Dermatend as many times as needed until complete removal.

During the treatment with the  Dermatend, it is strongly recommended to avoid sun exposure. Additionally, throughout the treatment with the Dermatend, no makeup should be worn. Although very unlikely, wearing makeup can cause unnecessary complications that can be easily avoided. Also avoiding make up speeds up your natural skin recovery process.

The Dermatend is not a miracle cure, it just works! But how does it work? The Dermatend works by chemically ablating the Moles from the top. In other words, the Dermatend “destroys” the fat deposits of the Moles.

As you apply the Dermatend on your Moles you will feel a burning sensation. This is normal. This burning sensation will only last 5 minutes. After that, the area where you applied the Dermatend will have whitened. Make sure you only apply the Dermatend on the Moles and not on your healthy skin.

It is recommended to use the Dermatend at regular intervals of 1 to 2 weeks until all the Moles have disappeared. Even in those cases when some of our customers have used the Dermatend at shorter intervals it has not caused any damage. However, in order to minimise risks, it is advisable to wait at least one week after the scab produced by the Dermatend has peeled off by itself.

The Dermatend is not a miracle cure, the Moles will not disappear after only one treatment with the Dermatend. It takes in the region of 6 sessions before the Moles are gone. In some severe Moles cases, it can take more sessions but usually 6 sessions are enough to remove your Moles completely. Therefore you have to be a little patient, but you have a lot of Dermatend with you because we usually send you a lot more Dermatend than you need, just to make sure you can remove the Moles completely.

We can ship the Dermatend worldwide for the price we state on the website. Wherever you may be, as long as, there a postal service available, you can receive your Dermatend at home. We use recorded delivery only if you request so and pay for the additional price.

Yes, it does always lead to great improvement and eventual removal of the Moles. In rare cases when the Moles had grown particularly deeply into the skin, the Dermatend should be applied a number of times in order to achieve complete removal. So far nobody who used the Dermatend has opted for surgical excision.

This is a classic case of thin Moles that spread throughout the eyelids and also on the undereye area. These type of Moles do not present any particular problem to be treated and removed using the Dermatend. This is because the Moles are not particularly thick and therefore the two or three treatments should suffice to achieve complete removal.

Although this Mole is similar in nature to the previous one this is particularly thick. Therefore more than three treatments may be required in order to achieve complete removal. Additionally, this type of Mole has developed on the eyelid and is very close to the eye, hence particular care has to be taken in the application of the Dermatend to avoid contact with the eyes. This is when the gel-like consistency of the Dermatend comes in very handy.

This is a case where the Moles can be removed by using the Dermatend within very few sessions because the because the Moles are particularly thin. The main issue to be addressed from a cosmetic point of view is the excessive skin on the eyelids. Therefore the Moles can be addressed easily however the cosmetic problem of excessive skin cannot be addressed successfully just by using the Dermatend.

Due to our business model, we serve customers the world over. We shipped Dermatends to Canada, UK, Italy, Australia, Austria, the US, South America, South Africa, South Korea and most parts of Europe.

Our customers are usually those individuals who suffer from Moles and especially those who suffer from Mole recurrence. Some of those who suffer from Moles for the first time in their lives option to go for surgical excision using lasers even if it costs more and the likelihood of scarring are far higher.

Most people with recurrence problems have come to us because they know well the inconvenience, risks, and costs of surgical excision every time the Moles reappear make the Dermatend the best long term effective treatment of Moles.

We are also the preferred suppliers of a number of clinics. this is due to our established reputation for quality, effectiveness, and safety of the Dermatend. Additionally, many dermatologists refer to us for advice on the treatment of Mole as we are recognized as the main company specializing in Mole removal.

Please let us know if you are aware of any country where the use of cosmetic peelings is illegal. As far as we are aware no country has ever forbidden the use and the free sale of cosmetic peelings. The Dermatend is a custom made cosmetic peel highly specilised in the treatment of Moles, therefore there is not restriction that we are currently aware of.

As long as the Dermatend is applied on the Moles only and at the right intervals there is nothing that can go wrong because it is custom formulated to your Moles and skin type. By all means the Dermatend must not be in contact with the eyes. This is why we have developed the Dermatend in a gel, to avoid drips. Additionally, in order to minimize the risks to your skin and your eyes, we offer the option to purchase the Dermatend neutralizer for an added peace of mind.

Some people have asked us “…why is the Dermatend more expensive than other peels I can buy on Amazon or Ebay? They are cheap and your Dermatend is far more expensive!”

The main risk when using peelings for treating Moles is the possibility of the peel to get in direct contact with the eyes. Therefore the Dermatend have been formulated to prevent dangerous drip formations that could inadvertently cause unwanted contact of the Dermatend with the eyes. This drastically minimizes the worst risk during the treatment of Moles using a peel, the risk to your eyes.

The Dermatend is not an off the shelf product. Each patient has a different type of Mole as well as different skin type, therefore, each Dermatend is custom formulated to suit your own skin type and remove your own Moles. In this way, we are able to minimize the risks to your skin. Therefore you can remove your Moles without having any scars left at the end of the treatment. This is why we request pictures of your eyes so that we can choose the type of peel to use and tailor-make the Dermatend gel according to your skin type and Moles type.

After all, treating Moles is all we specialize on.

You can order peels online on eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping and many other sources. their cost can start as low as 30 USD plus shipping, depending on where you are in the world.

But what concentrations are the best suited for you? Do you know what the best treatment is for your case?

At MoleRemoval.com we only specialize in treating Moles, therefore, we can easily assess the best treatment for your case by looking at your pictures. If you use the wrong peels or concentrations for your skin type you could increase the risks to your skin.

What is the quality control of the suppliers on eBay Amazon and so forth? You hope is good but we have no control over other people’s quality control, after all, they are cheap so… who knows…. On the other hand, We know that OUR quality control is guaranteed to be premium!

What happens if the solution you purchase by yourself is too strong for your skin type or you purchase the wrong peel? You may already have the answer. We think you may be putting yourself under unnecessary risks to save a little money!

What happens if I need to stop the effect of an acid that is too strong on my eyelids? You have to rush to Accidents and Emergency or ER (in the US) and hope you get there fast enough! On the other hand, if you use us we provide the best peel based on your skin type and Mole.

What happens if the solution I bought from eBay drips into my eye? Unfortunately, this can happen when using highly fluid solutions ( and unfortunately this is how they come from cheap places). We hope this never happens to you, but if an acid drip inadvertently came in contact with your eye, the damage could be irreversibly devastating you would be very likely to lose vision from that eye.

So do you really think that saving 150 to 200 USD is worth all these risks to your face, your skin, and your eyes?

At Areton we believe that a patient is better off paying a premium to have their Moles excised using a common scalpel or lasers rather than incurring the high risks of a DIY Mole treatment.

However if this is what you still intend to do to save a little money, we provide enough information for you to buy the ingredients from other sources and treat your Moles yourself. However, we do not recommend it!

It totally depends upon how you use the Dermatend, the longer you keep the gel on Mole the less applications or treatment you require. So Mole can be removed within 1 or 2 sessions if you apply the Dermatend for 1 or 2 hours on Mole.

What are the Ingredients in the Dermatend?

we are using two main ingredients, one is glycolic acid with a high percentage in the region of 70% to 95% and the second one is Vitamin A with its highest allowable concentration.

Dermatend is better than any other product ” Buy it now to remove your Moles“

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