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How does it work

How does it work?

The Dermatend is not a miracle cure, it just works! But how does it work? The Dermatend works by chemically ablating the Mole and Warts from the top. In other words, the Dermatend “destroys” the Mole and Warts by peeling.

As you apply the Dermatend on your Mole, Wart, Skin tag you may feel a slight burning sensation, this is normal. This burning sensation will only last 5 minutes with this site.

Two days after the application, scabs may form and it may fall off by itself. At that point, the thickness of your Mole or Warts should have decreased visibly. Repeat the application at the intervals suggested in the instructions and after a few sessions, you will get rid of your Mole or Wart completely. So you will able to notice the improvement almost immediately. Some clients require more and other fewer treatments depending on the thickness of their mole or wart.

One advantage of using the Dermatend is that you can decide when you are satisfied with the result. If you think that you still want to keep removing a tiny mole or wart residue you can still do so, you are in control of your treatment and you can continue until complete removal.

The New Glycolic Based Dermatend. How does it work and what is the difference.

The new Dermatend that removes any type of Mole, Warts, Skin Tags and can be be used on any skin type.After using TCA based Dermatend on a number of customers we realized that we needed to find an active ingredient that would not be as difficult to control as the TCA based Dermatend. The problem was that the Dermatend was the first product of its kind for home-use. The  drawbacks of TCA despite its proven efficacy in removing Sking tags , Moles are:

  • When it is applied onto the skin part where is your mole or other skin tag, it causes severe swelling on to that part. Although the selling subsides in all cases this is worrisome to most people.
  • It presents risks of permanent hypopigmentation in skin types. TCA is usually not recommended on dark skin types due to the risk of having a permanent discoloration on dark skin into a white patch after the use of Trichloroacetic acid.
  • It is difficult to stop its ablating effects unless an appropriate neutralizer is applied.
  • The risks associated to TCA are a lot higher than other active ingredients if it gets in contact with the eyes it can be quite dangerous.
  • The product is not very stable in a thick gel-based formulation. What this means is that after a few months the TCA gel turns into a liquid.

After conducting our research we found a study made in Japan stating that the Japanese researchers have had success in removing  Warts,Moles, Skin Tags, Xanthelasma and Syringoma  using Glycolic Acid at a high percentage. Namely in 90% concentration solutions.

We knew that Glycolic Acid was easier to use and milder than TCA without most of the side effects and risks of TCA.  The advantages of Glycolic Acid are:

  • Does not need a neutralizer as TCA does.
  • Glycolic acid Gel does not cause the severe swelling caused by TCA one or two days after its application.
  • There has not been are reports of hypopigmentation on darker skin types.
  • The effects of the glycolic acid-based gel can be stopped without a neutralizer, by simply wiping it off and rinsing the area with water.
  • The depth of penetration of the gel into the skin can be regulated by changing the timing of the application. The longer you keep the gel on the deeper the effects on the Syringoma and the skin.
  • It is not as dangerous to the eyes as TCA if it get in contact with the eyeballs.
The Dermatentd is the most effective, one of the safest and most inexpensive Warts and Moles Removal solution

Vitamin A in the New Glacolyc based Dermatend

On top of the great results of the Glycolic Acid Based Dermatend we wanted to make the product even more effective in removing your Moles or Warts. We wanted to make it in such a way that it is effective in removing any type of Mole or Warts and at the same time make our system very efficient in order to pass the cost cuts to you, our customers. The New Dermatend with Vitamin A is a standard product that works on all types of skin tags and skin types.

So how does Vitamin A help us achieve this? Vitamin A in skin products has cellular stimulation property that makes it a potent exfoliant. The Glycolic acid has the double function of dissolving your Mole  and at the same time opening the Mole tissue to Vitamin A. Once Vitamin A get in contact with the base of your Mole then the cellular stimulation takes place.

As the cellular Stimulation takes place the Mole or Skin tag get detached from its base and it is removed leaving in its place a hole which is going to heal by second intention.

Scabbing Process

Dermatend is better than any other product ” Buy it now to remove your Moles“

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